FIND PEACE IN THE PAIN Modern Style Black Print T-shirt


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FIND PEACE IN THE PAIN Modern Style Black Print T-shirt








Purified cotton

Please Note: All dimensions are measured manually with a deviation of 1 to 3CM     


The irregular italic font sentence “FIND PEACE IN THE PAIN” shows the uniqueness of this T-shirt, but also reflect the modern style. This quote comes from a book Finding Peace in Your Pain by Dykes, David O, which was published in 2008.

Are you going through a crisis? If you aren't, don't worry-the next one is just around the corner. Do you want to know why everything seems to be crumbling around you? Life is often full of unending trials, undeserved pain, and unanswered questions. However, it's possible to find comfort and peace where you least expect it-right in the middle of your pain. The story of Job shows us how. Most people think the ancient story of Job is about losing it all and gaining it back again. But that's just part of the story. There is much more to learn from his life, including the best (and worst) ways to help hurting friends and how to hear God's voice in the midst of a storm. Life lessons from the story of Job teach timeless truths about understanding God's purpose in pain and how to hold on to our hope and faith when we suffer. If you're going through hardship (or trying to help someone who is), this book will encourage and empower you to discover a supernatural peace despite life's pain.

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Ribbed and double stitched collar

Machine-wash safe

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Turn your T-shirt inside out;

Wash with cold water (no more than 30°C);

Do not soak in water more than 15 minutes;

Choose neutral detergent;

Do not put them under direct sunlight.

SIZE BUST (Inches) Shoulder Length (Inches) Body Length (Inches)
S 43.7 20.79 27.95
M 45.67 21.26 28.35
L 48.66 21.97 28.74
XL 50.87 22.68 29.13
2XL 53.86 23.39 29.53
3XL 57.64 24.09 29.92
4XL 60.63 24.8 30.31
Please see the description sizing details.
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