LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS Skulls Ship in the Water Graphic White Print T-shirt


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LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS Skulls Ship in the Water Graphic White Print T-shirt








Purified cotton

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 About Pattern

Loose lips sink ships is American slang. It comes from the time during World War II when the U.S. government recruited a large number of merchant ships to transport munitions. At the same time, one of the crew members was at sea and couldn’t resist calling his girlfriend at a cafe near the pier to say goodbye. During calls, the crew told his girlfriend all the information of the fleet to sea to reassure her. However, a German spy disguised as a businessman happened to be sitting in the cafe and he silently passed on the information to the German intelligence service. In the heavy seas, when the American fleet encountered a German submarine, the outcome was clear. So the War Advertising Council coined the phrase, that is, loose lips sink ships,” and turned it into a poster to remind the general public to speak less, or you will lose more.

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Machine-wash safe

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2XL 53.86 23.39 29.53
3XL 57.64 24.09 29.92
4XL 60.63 24.8 30.31
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